Manawatu District Council goes live with eRCS®...........      Congratulations to Bill Jamieson of Geoworks Limited for being the first person to lodge an application with eRCS®

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Consents Online

A platform where all stakeholders can work collaboratively to prepare, lodge, assess and
monitor conditions of resource consents online from anyplace at anytime.

About Us

Consents Online Limited (COL) is a New Zealand based and registered company that specialises in Information Technology & Communications and Local Government Resource Consent processes.

Who We Are

We digitally transform paper-based consenting processes by partnering with organisations that share our values and objectives to produce industry leading solutions.

Our Mission

Proactively use intelligent and innovative technologies whilst empowering our customers to work smarter


Our Vision

To see consenting authorities and their customers working collaboratively and transparently from anyplace at any time.



Our flagship product, Electronic Resource Consents System (eRCS®) offers Lodgement, Assessment and Monitoring modules, which are integrated seamlessly to allow resource consent applications to be processed online from any place at anytime.

Lodgement Module

Customer-facing front-end for Applicants
and Agents to prepare and lodge
applications and track their progress online.

Assessment Module

Back-office system for councils to receive applications with all supporting documents online and assess them.

Monitoring Module

Back office system for councils to monitor conditions for consents granted and for consent holders to view status online.

Applicants can:

* Select Agents from a list, request estimates and engage one of
   them online.

Applicants or Agents can:

* Schedule Pre Application Meetings with Councils online.

* Prepare and lodge applications with all supporting documents

* Track progress of applications and monitor condition of consents

Councils can:

* Receive, check, and acknowledge receipt of applications

* Allocate tasks to others and track their progress online.

* Start /stop the clock for assessing applications online.

* Captures time, disbursements, and other fees for billing.

* Grant, reject or refuse consents.

* Record conditions and monitor them periodically until they
   are compliant.


We offer a wide range of Professional Services, some of which include:

  • Business process and workflow analysis
  • End to End Custom Software Development
  • Integration Consultancy
  • Project & Program Management
  • Test Management
  • Data Governance, data and platform security
  • Advanced reporting and Business Intelligence
  • Data migration and systems integration
  • Information and communication technology support

We use smart, innovative technologies to digitally transform paper-based processes.



Manawatu District Council Goes Live with eRCS®

Manawatu District Council is the first council to start using the Lodgement Module of our eRCS® as from 23rd March, 2020 and the Monitoring Module as from 1st May 2020.

In a statement, the Council says that, “As part of our on-going commitment to innovation and making our doing business with Council easier we have put our Resource Consent application process online.

From today anybody requiring a resource consent can do so through our website, removing the need for visiting and bringing paper requests to the council offices.

This system is customer facing allowing applicants and agents to prepare resource consent applications and lodge them online.

There are definite advantages to being online says council's regulatory manager Karel Boakes.”

The advantages of the new system empowers the Manawatū District Council and our customers to work collaboratively and transparently, making the process easier and more efficient.”

“The new system is a result of engagement with key industry stakeholders and the final result is based on the feedback received from these stakeholders following a pilot release.”

“ The benefits of this electronic application for the applicants are:

• Convenience - applicants can lodge applications any time of the week and day

• Reduced cost - eliminates the costs of printing documentation

• Transparency - online tracking of the consenting process”


It’s simple and easy to navigate the various steps in a logical manner and provide a quick reference for the date a consent was submitted and its status, including the processing planners name."
  -Bill Jamieson, Senior Planner,
       Geoworks Limited

“When I first went online, I used the YouTube user guide to guide my way through each step which was very easy to follow. This system is easy to use and saves a lot of time and effort to prepare and lodge applications with all the documents and review them before submitting. You no longer have to print and scan lots of documents. All parties get prompt notifications, so there is lot of transparency around status of applications.”
  -Wendy Forsyth,
    Truebridge Associates Limited.

“The Manawatu District Council went live with the Consents Online e-Resource Consent system late March 2020.  This proved to be very timely due to the COVID19 lockdown, meaning that we could continue business as usual through this period and we are well set up if levels change again in the future. The internal paperless consenting process has reduced administration time and our planners find the system intuitive to use. Our customers are continuing to lodge resource consent applications electronically, are finding the system easy to use and are recognising the benefits to them and their clients.(Sept 2020)
Karel Boakes
Regulatory Manager,
Manawatu District Council.

“I think it is easy to use, provides all the information and is reliable.”
“In my opinion, I think eRCS is easy to navigate in assessing applications.”
Manawatu District Council

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